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Bring power to Ukraine

Stand for Ukraine Brighton and Hove is supporting community initiative to raise money to purchase and deliver electrogenetrators and other electrical equipment to Ukraine.

As every Ukrainian community in the world, we can not stand aside when Ukraione is fighting not only for for its Freedom but for its existanse.

Russia destroyed almost 50% of electrical infrastructure of Uktraine living our loved ones back in Ukraine without light, heating, internet and phon connections and even water. So we are working to supply electrogenerators, powerbanks and powerstations to the one of the most damaged regions of Ukraine.

What we achieved so far:

  • We raised more than ­£8000

  • We delivered 2 new and 5 used generators and 6 powerstations (large powerbanks that can support notebooks and medical equipment) to the Kharkiv region where they were distributed to medical institytions and hospitals.

  • We purchased 10 more generators and waiting for the delivery to our storage.

  • We keep working to raise more money.

We thank everybody who made it possible - our fantastic donors:

  • Elim Church,

  • Luke Hardy & Paul Smith (Functional skills UK ),

  • Kevin,

  • Tim & Amira,

  • John Freeland (Blakesly Estates),

  • Mel

  • and all our fantastic supporters on Justgiving!

Thank you, Jim Deans, for your outstanding efforts to deliver all humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

Resently we resieved lovely video from our Ukrainian partners - Foundation Hromadska varta

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