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RAZOM on 17th of March

Razom poster

An afternoon with the local Ukrainian community & their friends to share music, food and friendship with the wider Brighton and Hove community.

Sunday, 17s March 2024

2:00 pm til 6:00 pm

FREE ENTRY (but donations are welcomed)


Razom - is a unique platform where Ukrainian musicians may perform with their colleagues from different communities to mix and share musical traditions and experiences. But it is much more than this - RAZOM brings together people of different cultures and backgrounds.

It is also a great place to glimpse the inner Ukrainian festive traditions, filled with great music, tasty food, and community spirit, crucial ingredients for every Ukrainian gathering.

Razom means Together in Ukrainian. Together, we are strong and united against the challenges of today's world. Together, we celebrate life. Together, we grieve and laugh.

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