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ETHNO ECHO - feel the culture of Ukraine

Join us on a vibrant journey through Ukrainian heritage, where age-old customs meet the energy of the present. Discover the rich tapestry of traditions and the dynamic modern creations of Ukrainian artists here in Sussex.

Immersive Experiences:

• Embroidery: Symbolism and Stories: Delve into the intricate world of vyshyvanka, deciphering the patterns and their meanings.

• Sussex Showcase: Artists, Poets, Performers: Celebrate local Ukrainian talent and their unique expressions of cultural identity.

• Culture Talks: Discover Hidden Gems: Gain insights into lesser-known aspects of Ukrainian heritage.

• Festival Flair: Crafts and Cuisine: Experience a traditional Ukrainian fair's sights, sounds, and tastes – enjoy artisan works and savour authentic flavours.

• Hands-on Workshops: Create and Connect: Try your hand at traditional crafts like embroidery and egg painting or explore modern techniques with polymer clay.


Programme to be announced soon.

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