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The Ray of Hope Initiative

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

The Ray of Hope  logo

We are happy to let you know that the group of Brighton&Hove-based Ukrainian volunteers who work to collect and deliver humanitarian aid decided to join all their fundraiser projects under the single name, The Ray of Hope, which will reflect what their initiative does and become more recognisable.

Earlier, we wrote about the Ray of Hope project to make candles for Ukraine. This project gave a name to the whole initiative.

Candles are essential but a small part of what the group does. From the first day of the invasion, it worked to provide as much humanitarian aid for Ukraine as possible to give the people of Ukraine hope and support during these challenging times.

The Ray of Hope

This year, they collected and sent more than ten tonnes of humanitarian aid, including electro generators, clothes, pet food and care items, first aid items, and much more.

You might have seen some of their reports on our social media and information on their fundraisers on our website.

One of the many ways they raise money is to create craft and art pieces, participate in craft shows and charity events, integrate our community into local life, and promote Ukrainian culture through crafts.

The Initiative has an Instagram page,, that will focus more on crafts and the stories behind them and a Facebook page ( that will focus more on the humanitarian aspects of our project.

Stand For UkraineBrighton & Hove (S4U) group proudly supports The Ray of Hope Initiative.

Together we are working to become a registered charity.

We will continue publishing information about this initiative on our website and social media accounts.

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