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20 January 2024 London Philharmonic Orchestra in Brighton led by Ukrainian conductor Natalia Ponomarchuk

Musical genius is a family affair in this programme of love and friendship.

London Philharmonic Orchestra 2023/24 Season: Family Ties

20 Jan 2024 , 19:30

The Schumanns and the Mendelssohns

  • Fanny Mendelssohn Overture in C Major

  • Clara Schumann Piano Concerto

  • Robert Schumann Introduction and Concert Allegro

  • Felix Mendelssohn Symphony No.3 (Scottish)

Natalia Ponomarchuk conductor

Alexander Melnikov piano

The distinguished Ukrainian conductor Natalia Ponomarchuk follows Felix and Fanny Mendelssohn from their childhood home in Berlin to the moors and mists of 19th-century Scotland, while pianist Alexander Melnikov explores the relationship between Clara and Robert Schumann – a husband and wife united in their devotion to the piano, to art and each other.

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