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Support for LGBTQ+ Ukrainian people in Brighton&Hove*

As the UK’s unofficial gay capital there are lots of organisations in Brighton & Hove that LGBTQ+ people can contact for help, support and and information.

At the moment, we are not aware of particular groups or organizations for Ukrainian LGBTQ+ people, howewer there are lots of organizations offering support.

Here we listed some of them:

Brighton & Hove LGBTQ Switchboard*

Set up in 1975, Switchboard has been listening to, informing and supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people in Brighton & Hove and beyond. Originally a helpline, we have developed additional services and now offer much more.

*Switchboard may provide interpriter

The Rainbow Hub

The Hub is a local point of contact for LGBTQ+ people seeking up-to-date help, information or guidance, in a safe, non-judgemental environment.


non-Brighton&Hove specific

ГО Інсайт - Ukrainian telegram channel created to help LGBTQ+ ukrainians

LesMigraS - offers specialized psychosocial counseling for ukrainian- and russian-speaking queer people who need a space for relief at the moment due to the current situation.

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